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I had to prefish for my local clubs championship in early December and decided to hit an area in Cocodrie that looked promising.  I partnered up with a friend so we could cover a larger area and to discuss notes.   Winds would be lite and there would be zero cloud cover which makes for ideal sight casting conditions for redfish.  Throughout the day I found hungry redfish and some nice upper slot redfish, but would the conditions be the same on tournament day?  I was not getting my hopes up. 

Around 3:00 pm I decide to start making my way back to the marina and there was a shoreline I wanted to fish.  As I make it to this particular stretch of shoreline I notice two dolphin swimming fast up and down the bank trying to disorient bait fish.  They were getting the water all murky and I was about to leave the area when I noticed a big swirl along the shoreline.  All of a sudden I see a big bull redfish swimming along. Then another right behind him, but bigger!  I pitch a plastic swim bait to him and the fight is on.  This fish starts ripping drag and I knew this fish was over 40″ and mean!  It took about 20 min to finally get a boca grip on him.  The fish measured 44.5 inches and was over 30 lbs.  Not a slot redfish, but a great fighting fish.

Shortly after I take pictures and revive the fish I notice another bull red just feet from the boat. I couldn’t release the first fish yet because it wasn’t strong enough to swim off yet. I tie it to the side of my Coosa FD and pitch another bait to this other redfish.  I’m hooked up and the battle begins!   This fish isn’t as big and I land it pretty quickly.  It measures 36″ and fat. I now have two bull redfish to revive.

These two fish topped off a fantastic day of scouting for the championship.  Tight lines until next time!