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My original reasoning for purchasing the Kilroy LT was due to its lightweight for dropping onto creeks with steep muddy banks. These hard to access areas are great for fishing and waterfowl hunting but are inaccessible by most power boats. The Kilroy LT preformed great in this area but to my surprise the kayak is a great all around fishing machine! Taking the boat out in many different types of water it became my main kayak for this season. It was nice to go back to the traditional sit in kayak/canoe style.

Kilroy LT Realtree Camo Edition Specifications:

  • Length: 12′-10″
  • Width: 32″
  • Weight: 56lbs (62 with seat)
  • Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Color: Real-tree Hardwoods Camo Pattern

Top Features:



At 56lbs this kayak is easy to car top. There are many areas that are not accessible by trailer. The lightweight of the Kilroy LT allows dropping in and out at tough areas. The thermoformed lightweight plastic allows this.

Rigid Hull:

The rigidity of the kayaks thermoformed ABS plastic hull makes the boat stiffer. Therefore paddles better than its rotomolded cousin. The less flex in the hull the more performance gained.

Realtree Camo Pattern:

The kayak is ideal for hunting with its unique realistic camo print. The RealTree hardwoods camo pattern blends into the surroundings pretty well. I was actually amazed due to it not being the RealTree Max5 which is more ideal for salt marsh.

Flat Deck Flooring:

The Kilroy line of kayaks all have a built in Flat flooring system allowing comfortable standing. Built into the floor system is the high low seating platform, a Cup Holder with bungee to secure it, and the standard Jackson Kayak Stand Up assist strap. Located behind the seating platform is a bungee system for lashing down a milk crate or a decoy bag.

Ergo Seat:

All day kayak seating. The new ergo seat contours to your back and body to make a great comfortable seat for fishing long term. Included with the kayak and a seat back pouch for extra storage. The seat has also been constructed with closed cell foam for quick drying and max comfort. The seating system can be used in the low and high positions like many other Jackson Kayak models.

High/Low Seating Positions:

Like all Jackson Kayak fishing models the Kilroy LT also has both high and low seating postitons!

Inner Hull Rod Storage:

The inner hull rod stowing system is a great addition. It comes in most handy when transporting gear and fishing in areas of low hanging tree branches. THe ability to stow a fly rod is key. Due to the length

Tech Deck:

The tech deck which is located on the bow or stern lip of the cockpit comes in handy. Both with storage and the ability to mount aftermarket gear tracks allows it to have endless possibility’s for personal rigging. The “glove box” storage bin is a nice addition. I find myself stowing my hat, cellphone, and snacks in there on many occasions.

Gear Tracks:

Gear tracks are factory installed at 4 locations on the gunnels of the kayak. The locations are good for mounting additional rod holders and camera mounts.

Rear Storage Hatch:

The rear hatch is a dry storage area sectioned off by a foam bulkhead which is found in most sit inside style kayaks. The area has 2 purposes. One is the be used for storing gear that will stay dry. Two in the case of capsizing the air filled hatch will keep the kayak afloat.

Ergo Handles:

Equipped with bow stern and 2 side handles these handles are formed to fit ergonomically into your hand. The handles are good for carrying, unloading, and loading the kayak.

Adjustable Foot Braces:

The kayak also is equipped with adjustable footbraces for maximum comfort no matter of your short or tall.

The Goodies:

Like all Jackson Kayak Fishing Line kayaks the Kilroy LT is bundled with a few goodies which include the Elite Seat, (2) RAM Mount rod holders, (2) YakAttack screwballs, a Nalgene water bottle, and long load safety flag.

My Rigging:

Currently I have rigged the Kilroy to the max benefits of how and what I use it for. The first addition was a Torqeedo Ultralight 403. Rigging this boat for foot steering controls was a task but fairly easy. You can find my detailed Torqeedo install article here.


The kayak can also be fitted with a rudder system also using the same sealectdesigns Trucourse Kayak Rudder system. Using the same methods and the addition of a rudder bracket at the stern this can be easily accomplished.

Keel Protection:

I then added Keelguard. This is a PVC type of protective strip that adhears to the kayaks keel. ABS is less abrasive resistant than polypropylene rotomold. Therefor its good to protect it from scuffing. It will add years to your investment.


I then rigged the kayak with a YakAttack Kayak LeverLock Deluxe Anchor Trolley AMS-1003 system. Using the new stealth pulleys which avoids fishing line snags.

Stand assist:

I also rigged the Kilroy with the Yakattack command stand. With the addition of two 4″ gear tracks on the bow. The command stand is a very nice addition to standing and fishing. It also doubles for mounting cameras and other accessories along with its included rotogrip paddle holders.

Rod Holders:

For rod holders currently I Track mounted RAM Mounts 2008 tubes on the rear factory gear tracks. These are easy to reach and work well with the kayak. Also my blackpak stowed behind the seat has an additional 3 rod holders mounted on it for spare rods and to hold a net.

Paddle holder:

I also Track mounted a pair of LunchBox Paddle Parks. This unique system sets the paddle off of the kayak. I also added the mounting clips for the ParkNPole to be stowed here. The system offsets these items to allow the tracks to be unobstructed allowing you to mount multiple accessories on them.

Gear Track Locations:

I also added YakAttack Gear Trac GTSL90 4 Inch Mounting Track to the cockpit side of the tech deck. This allows for a mounting location in reach for my fish finder and camera mounting such as the panfish portrait.

In Hull Water Remediation:

I then fitted the kayak with an electric bilge pump. This allows me to pump water out quickly. It should help for if I am ever swamped. It also works well at removing water dripped in from my paddle feet and of course rain. Remember I do use this kayak out on wide open bays and such with waves. Check out the install here!

My Review:

Over the 2017 fishing season I have fallen in love with the Kilroy LT. It is my go to kayak when fishing bays creeks lakes and ponds. Out of my other kayaks the Cuda 14, The Kraken and the Big Rig. I used the Kilroy most this season at 80%. The Kilroy LT is incredibly stable. For my height 6’1″ and weight 200 lbs it is very close to the stability of the Big Rig. Standing is simple and comfortable due to the installed flat deck. The Kilroy LT like cousin to the Jackson Kayak Cuda has secondary stability. Once you get to that point its locked in. Due to the lower center of gravity standing inside the hull.

The kayak paddles with ease. It has great maneuverability and glides with every stroke. Although the kayak is not factory equipped with a rudder an aftermarket one can be easily added on. Fortunately is not really needed.

The new 2017 ergo seat is comfortable and dries much quicker than previous years seats. The added lumbar support and curved back is perfect for all day fishing. Works really well with high back PFD’s. I however do miss the under seat storage.

The #1 best thing about the Kilroy LT is how light it is. Its a dream to load on my truck and to drop in at otherwise tough places with heavier kayaks.

This kayak is a fly anglers dream. The stability is off the charts and can be rigged with a leaning post along with a stripping bucket with ease.

In the future I hope to get out waterfowl hunting in this kayak!


The Kilroy is a sit inside hybrid kayak. It has no scupper holes. Paddling in areas with rough currents and heavy sea conditions are not recommended. Surf launches and landings can be dangerous.

This is a tough kayak to self rescue on. It can be done though.

Rear hatch is small and cannot really be used for much besides a small dry bag. The bow does not contain a hatch. There is a bit of wasted space in the bow that could be used for storage.

Personally i feel there should be more accessory’s but keeping the price where it is out of the factory is a good thing.

There is no skid plate on this model. Install a keel guard, try not to drag or land hard. It will scuff easily and is a much thinner plastic than a rotomolded boat.


The Kilroy and the Kilroy LT are hybrid kayaks built to be fishing machines. You’ll fall in love with one. One of the best paddling fishing hybrid style kayaks I have ever used. Weather bass fishing or targeting striper in the salt this is a great all around kayak.

I recommend this kayak for flat water fishing only due to its hybrid sit inside style.  Please check it out at your local Jackson Kayak dealer and ask to take a demo paddle! You’ll love it!