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Still loving it, I picked my Jackson Cuda LT up back in 2015 and have never looked back, Well only to see who’s behind me.

When I first seen the Jackson Cuda LT the shine of the light weight thermoform really caught my eye, Coming in at 57lbs 64lbs with the seat was also a great reason for me to get the Cuda LT, Easy to roof top and get to and from the water.

I bought it the next day, First time on the water I found it fast and so easy to paddle and the tracking was great. I was out for hours, When I got back to shore I was ready to go again. The light weight makes a difference in the paddling. Two weeks later I bought one for my Son so he could enjoy fishing from a Jackson Cuda LT with me.
We have been able to cover big water and also smaller bodies of water, Stand and fish or paddle across the lake with easy and fish the other side, Years later and still enjoying my Jackson Cuda LT like the first day I got it…


– Ivan Hamilton