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I found a really great way to stow my Hawg Trough on the side of my Coosa HD and FD which is easily accessible and out of the way so not to interfere with my navigating or fishing.

I saw a similar idea on the one of the DIY kayak blogs and put my own little spin on it. I bought the YakAttack Hawg Trough holder for $15 online. You can find these on the web for about the same price. I also purchased a Ram Ball Lowrance mounting plate that measures 6.25” x 2” that is made of metal or composite materials with a 1.5” ball attached. I purchased the metal one because of the price $20 but the composite mount works just as well and is cheaper. You’ll have to look around to find the best price. I like to search Amazon and Ebay for the best prices. You’ll also need a short arm extension that receives the 1.5” Ram Ball. This also can be found on Ebay and Amazon for about $20. Last but not least you’re going to need a 1.5” screw ball from YakAttack to mount to your track on your kayak. I personally love these things because you can attach just about anything to your kayak anywhere. You can find these for about $15 or more depending on the availability. I also ran to Lowes and got some spacers and screws. You don’t necessarily need spacers but you might want to consider once you line up the holes on the mounting plate.

1. Line up the mounting plate and the Hawg trough holder brackets. You will probably notice that the brackets hang off the side a little bit. This does not affect the functionality of the installation or use. You can use a Dremel to fit flush (I did).

2. Look at the screws you plan to use. If they are too long you can use the Dremel to cut them to desired length. There are holes already predrilled on the bottom on the brackets but they may not line up with the mounting plate holes. I simply drilled new holes. Be careful not to drill too deep though.

3. When attaching the mounting plate and brackets you can use spacers to fit the screw length better if needed. You can even use washers if that works for you. Insert the screws in the predrilled holes and tighten but not too tight.

4. Your bracket should be secure now. If you do not like the bracket hanging off the little bit that it does, just grab your Dremel and cut the excess off. I rounded the edges with the same carbon blade I gut the excess off with. You can sand down the edges to give a neat appearance.

5. Now you can attach the 1.5” screw ball to the track. Once that is done you can install the arm extension and the mounting plate with the brackets. Tighten the handle and you have an adjustable arm that can be lowered or raised to your liking.