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Froggin’ in a Kraken

After a little lay off because of an injury, I was excited to get back out on the water. In my down time I had a chance to look at some different techniques because like many fisherman, I usually get caught up in fishing the same lures and techniques trip after trip. In my area, So California, frog fishing was not really popular when I was younger so I never even looked at it. Many years have past and the lakes have changed quite a bit. New structure and a couple generations of new fish told me that I needed to take a new approach to topwater. Being that I like topwater fishing of any kind, and who doesn’t, I decided to get into throwing some frogs.

I researched the in’s and outs’ of frogs and got right to it. Being a California guy, how could I possibly throw any other frog then a Bobby Barracks Perfect Frog. This bait has many great features and the best is the separate chambers for the body and hook. This bait doesn’t fill up with water and can be worked in a number of ways. I also like this bait because you can fish it in any situation and it got bit for me.

The first day back in my Jackson Kayak Kraken 13.5 and chasing Largemouth with a frog, game on! Within 5 minutes I had my first boil and then another. Neither fish ate the bait, but very exciting to see them come up and hit the frog. Not 15 minutes into the day and I get a better boil but still see the frog. I keep working the bait and another boil, still see the frog. So hard to not set the hook when you see the boil. Yet another boil and no fish. 3 boils within 10 seconds in one cast and still working that frog back to the kayak when I get a fourth boil. This time the bait is gone so I set the hook and we’re on. After a short battle I have landed my first frog fish ever. You know I’m hooked for good at that point and the bonus being that the fish was 19 inches, so a solid 3 pounder.

Needless to say I fished the frog all day and managed to get blown up on it about 20 times but only caught 3 fish. I tried all kinds of methods to hook them and just couldn’t manage to get any more fish. I did bent out the hooks just a touch to help with hook up’s but no joy. Being new to frog fishing I knew there would be a learning curve. It was frustrating but fun at the same time. You have to walk before you can run is definitely the norm with frog fishing. That’s frog fishing I’ve been told.

I went back to the well 3 more trips and did get better at hooking fish. Biggest fish I caught was about 4.5 pounds and lost one about 6 pounds. Frogs are awesome to fish. You never know when that big fish is going to hit.

In the areas I was fishing, the Kraken worked really well because it is slightly narrower then most kayaks. This allowed me to squeeze through some tight spaces in the bushes, trees and tules. Once I would get into an area, I would stand up and begin casting. Being able to stand up to frog fish was key. This allows you to work the frog with a downward popping or walking the dog cadence. Trying to do this from the seated position is very difficult and you just can’t get the same retrieves or casting accuracy as standing. Standing is not for everyone. With the Kraken it is much like learning to ride a bike. At first it is going to be wobbly then with time you will learn how to balance the kayak and be able to stand up for most of your fishing.
NOTE: If you are 6 foot tall or shorter and weigh 200 pounds or less, this should be an achievable goal.

Get yourself a Kraken and some frogs and have fun!