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Next time you fish take a look at the shore lines… What do you see?

You probably see some sort of trash floating or washed onto the shore.

Recently, a friend of mine and I went out on a fishing trip to pre-fish for the Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship and just enjoy the day on the water.

We both commented about the amount of trash we saw in this particular location. It brought to our attention to a cause that we are pushing with our local kayak club.

We are trying to push each time you go out and fish grab a few pieces of trash you see floating and put it in the trash can.

This extra step we are doing our part as a kayak community to help clean up the waters we fish.

We both feel this small deed can go a long way in helping clean the water ways we fish. It will help with the ecosystem so the fish and animals do not eat the trash of others.

During our last tournament, my friend held a contest open to our entire club. The goal is to take one small step in cleaning up the water way by taking a picture of the trash collected during the tournament. One person participated and earned a prize pack of lures.

What we sparked during the awards ceremon was the conversation of the cause. Many anglers said oh next time we are out we will grab a couple pieces of trash.

We enjoy to paddling/pedaling down the waterways.

Let’s do our part and clean the water ways.

I challenge each person reading to do your part. Pick up some trash next time you are out. Challenge your kayak community to do a river/stream clean up!

Thanks Ben for coming up with the idea to promote cleaning the waterways.

– Anthony Shingler