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 I have been kayaking fishing since 1970, catching trout on Pine Creek in PA on the “Grand Canyon of PA”….   then got big into it in 1979 out of my “Old Town Lettman Mark IV” when I moved to NH and my dad and I made foam rod holders and took them bass fishing on the lakes up there.

However, things heated up in 2011 when we made the “Coosa”, the world’s first River Bass Fishing Kayak.     Since then, I have been hooked and can’t get enough of it.   Jackson Kayak has been changing the game and developing products to make kayak fishing easier and more fun for every0ne.  Our latest creation, the “Blue Sky Angler 360” is an example of tireless focus on developing boats for a single purpose- to have more fun and success catching fish! 

I am proud to be working along side of Matt Cashion (PHD in Chemistry), founder of Cashion Rods, who brought fishing rod building back to the USA and is now making specialized kayak fishing rods!    I became a big fan of Cashion Rods a few years ago once I learned the story about how Matt started the company after developing new resin and rod building techniques to make a better blank.    I fish them exclusively now and have been putting them to the test.   Every big bass I have caught has been on a Cashion, and, in case you want to see, here is what some of them look like….

Yes, I have been loving fishing with my Cashion rods and they help me land the big ones…

Now, however, there are kayak specific rods by Cashion that are a game changer… check out this video that explains!!


I hope you have as much fun with them as I am… they are the new tool for the trade!!