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If you are interested in things like kayaks, guns, side-by-side vehicles, food, tractors, cars, and much more you should probably plan on attending the next Hoffpauir Expo. I was fortunate enough to attend the 2018 Hoffpauir Expo in Lampasas, Texas. The Hoffpauir Expo has only been running for its second year now, with over 5,000 people attending the first expo and even more attending this years expo. You will find many different companies represented at the Hoffpauir Expo from Polaris, New Holland, Benelli, Jackson Kayak, Daniel Defense, Yeti Coolers, Orion Coolers, Diablo Kayaks, and many more. You will also have opportunities to talk with law enforcement officers, game wardens, life flight pilots, and game warden pilots to name a few. In fact, there was both a life flight helicopter and a game warden helicopter that flew in for the event. If you are into hands on demos, consider that you could test drive Polaris vehicles, shoot shotguns and AR-15’s as well as enter raffles to win many different things.

To me, one of the great things about having a website and going to events such as the Hoffpauir Expo is being able to share my passion of kayaking and kayak fishing with others and help them find the same enjoyment I do. It can be a little daunting trying to decide what kayak to get, where to go fishing at, and all these sorts of things. Now that I have a good knowledge of kayak fishing, I like to share with others so that they can get to do some of the same things I do. Although a primary purpose of me going to events such as the Hoffpauir Expo is to help others to decide what kayak might be best for them, maybe an even bigger purpose is simply talking with people who share a similar interest and building within that community. Much of my time at the Hoffpauir Expo was filled with talks with all ages of people – from middle schools boys and girls all the way up to couples who had been married for many years and are now in their 80’s.

It was extremely enjoyable for me to be able to talk with both young and older folks alike, as I was able to help some people out and also received some help and information myself from people who had more experience than me. Kind of goes to show you that in the same way you can help someone else out, you can also receive help from someone else.

If you have some availability in the spring come 2019, look into the Hoffpauir Expo. It is an event worth going to and would make for a great family outing.