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Can coffee save a river?
I’ve been extremely fortunate in my life. I’ve had the opportunity to 
travel the world, see some magnificent wilderness and share these 
incredible experiences with my friends and family. Though these 
magnificent places are becoming endangered, as more rivers are dammed, 
mountain tops removed, and forests cut down. Now more then ever, I feel 
that the outdoors, my playground, is in need of protection. I thought to 
myself “how can I make a difference?”
I wanted to create something which could have a positive effect on the 
wild, while bringing joy at the same time. This was the idea that 
brought the birth of ‘Wild and Free Coffee Co.’
Our goal is simple, to bring you a great tasting cup of organic and fair 
trade coffee, to help you get excited about the day. A coffee that, like 
the wilderness, will awaken your senses and give you that extra 
motivation to take on the adventure in your life. We’re adventurous 
people too, we get it, a delicious cup of coffee is the reason we get 
out of our sleeping bags early and hit the trail, river or mountain. We 
care deeply about protecting our playgrounds and preserving the 
wilderness, so we are donating 10% from the sale of each bag of coffee 
to our conservation partners starting with American Whitewater. Check 
out our website and try one our our four delicious flavors. Join us in 
trying to make a positive change, together we can keep our mountains 
wild and our rivers free. Please help protect our playgrounds, share 
this and get motivated with some great coffee. –