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Corpus Christi is known for many things, The Selena monument, The US Lexington, The home of many amazing musical artist, and beautiful scenery. The one thing they don’t tell you is how windy it is in the spring.
This article is going to give you tips on how to kayak fish on a windy day. Let’s face it, if kayak anglers waited until the weather was perfect none of us would ever fish. Although the wind can be a nuisance, with planning and the right equipment you can have a successful day on the water. Most people over look the importance of their paddle. Your paddle is not one of those items you want to skip out and spend the lesser. Do your research, wind speed will take a toll on how you paddle. The more you paddle, the more energy you burn up. With that being said, you want a light weight paddle. I recommend any of the Werner paddles as the are carbon fiber. Personally I use the Werner Shuna- Hooked. There are many different styles of paddling. Believe it or not there is a right and a wrong way. On a very windy day I recommend a technique called feathering your strokes. If you don’t know what this is there are many tutorials on YouTube. Endurance also plays a role in kayaking. Take your time, don’t over exert yourself. On windy days you should always expect to paddle harder and cover less water. When we fish we generally eat what we catch. Stringers can be a nightmare on a windy day. I recommend losing the stringer and purchasing a fish bag for those days. Our Jackson Krakens have storage in the hull that has easy access to store our fish. This is much easier than dragging the fish behind. Just don’t forget to clean out the inside of the kayak after. Rudders and anchor trolleys are another piece of equipment you don’t want to skip out on. They will help you with turning and keeping you the direction you need to be. The day before we go out we always check the weather. If it’s going to be high winds we choose locations that are protected depending upon wind direction. Also staying close to shoreline will minimize some of the effects the wind has. The most important thing to me on a windy day is the type of kayak you paddle. You want a kayak that is stable, stealthy, and has the ability to cut water with speed and ease. My family paddles Jackson. One of the great things about Jackson is the elite seats. They have the ability to move into high or low position. On a windy day you want to sit low. This will reduce the amount of resistance your body creates. Don’t skip fishing on a windy day. Use these tips to your advantage. There are lots of different equipment that will help ensure you have a safe, fun, and successful day on the water. Just be sure to know your limitations and plan accordingly. Make sure you have the correct type of kayak. If you are not sure attend local kayak demos.

Until next time my friends,
Stay safe, stay hydrated, and keep fishing.

Previously published in Saltwater Angler
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– Dottie Wheat