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It was a cold rainy day in late March and we were boarding a flight from the UK to Spain, the mission was to find some of the BIG Perch we’d been hearing about. A short 1hr 40min flight and we were touching down in a nice sunny Spain, our guide was waiting for us and before long we were on the motorway full of excitement to the 4 days fishing ahead.

No fishing on the first day so we spent the evening double checking we hadn’t forgotten anything and seeing what lures everyone else had brought along. We knew time was against us a little as the Perch were getting ready to spawn but we were prepared to work hard for our fish.

Day 1 came, a short drive to the launch site and not long after we were on the water. We had a guide for the first day, he didn’t speak much English but then I spoke zero Spanish so he was doing better than me! He put us on to the first mark, I set up my first drift. As it was quite windy I opted for gentle jigging with a small soft bait, obviously worked as within 15mins I was into a nice Perch. A nice little fight and it was in the net, it was easily the largest I’d ever caught. Fat ball of a fish and weighing in at 5lb 4oz I was VERY happy!!