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The „Spring Fishing Show” (March 2-4, 2018) is one of the biggest fishing exhibitions in Hungary demonstrating almost all fishing methods with a lot of fishing celebrities, dozens of manufacturers and thousands of tackles, rods, reels, etc.

The center of the show was the „spinning pool” with continuous programs and demos on the shoreline and some nice pikes under the surface.

Jackson kayaks were introduced near the spinning pool by We could check the FlexDrive system again. We already tried it last year on the water, but now we had time to check each part of the new gadget and it looks great. 

Also the future fishermen liked it:

Zoli had some great looking and extreme light Werner paddles and a thick rack of YakAttack accessories too.

You can get a taste of the weekend through the following pictures.

I hope you will enjoy it, and for God’s sake, please let there be good weather for fishing! 🙂

Tons of spinning rods,…

…plastics for fish…

…and “plastics” for sweet-toothed fishermen

In the morning the other part of the exhibition was almost empty, but Jackson kayaks did always have some interest.

Visiting friends at the Hungarian Flyfishing Association)

And last but not least: the most important kayak apparel.