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This is a quick how-to on installing Jacksons Day Hatch Kit( on the new Liska.
The following tools are what I used to install this kit:

-A SHARP utility knife. The sharper it is the easier it will cut and the smoother you hole will be. If you try to force a dull blade you run the risk of hurting yourself or the kayak if you slip.
-A file to smooth out the edges of your opening.
-A cordless drill with a phillips bit and drill bits to match the screw size.
-A small adjustable wrench or pliers to hold the mounting nuts.

The kit comes with the mounting ring, bag insert, cover, hardware, and marine sealant.

Next I’ll go over the steps on installing the hatch.

First step is to start cutting the INNER circle on the rear deck of the Liska. The longest and hardest part of this will be convincing yourself its going to be ok that you are cutting a 4 inch hole in your brand new boat.

Once you have cut out the circle, take the mounting ring and try to place it into the hole. If it does not fit, use your file to gently remove any extra plastic around the hole until the ring will fit snug. Take your time to get a good fit and don’t rush and just force it in. If you force it to fit the ring more than likely will not be sitting flat and could cause a leak in the future.

After the ring fits snug, leave it in place, grab your drill and drill out the mounting holes.

Remove the ring, clean the shavings off and apply a good thick bead of sealant around the backside and drop it in place.

Line up the ring and mounting holes, install the screws and nuts, then tighten everything down either with the drill or a manual screwdriver.

As you are tightening the ring some sealant will seep out, just take a paper towel or rag and wipe up any excess.

Allow 24 hours for the sealant to dry and smell to dissipate before you place the bag and cover on the ring.

And there you have it, a convenient storage spot for your wallet and keys as well as you now have an access port to the rear of you boat if you ever need to get in there.

– James Schlingmann