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Another nice day in the Sierras is in the books! My Dad joined me for a trip up to Union Valley Reservoir yesterday. We made a stop in Placerville to grab some coffee and a quick bite to eat, then up the road we went. It was a pleasant surprise to arrive at the launch and find that conditions were near perfect!

I had a couple priorities for the day, including towing around one of my homemade plugs to see what would bite and to test out my new jigging rod. I didn’t put much effort into trolling, being the action that I had and the fish I marked were deeper than my leadcore set up would go. I did however get a chance to test out my “slow pitch jigging rod” on a couple rat macs. One fish came on a P-line razor minnow and the other on a giant Git-zit. I was pretty stoked to get them jigging, as I’ve never caught any trout using that method. Once the wind picked up in the afternoon, the bite seemed to turn up a bit. I stayed with tube jig during the afternoon and got quite a few bites, but I think it was all from smaller fish, since I only hooked/caught the one.  The fishing wasn’t exactly on fire for me, but I’ve still got a lot to learn about fishing for lake trout.
The Coosa FD and pedal power is really starting to grow on me! Fighting the afternoon winds while fishing our way back to the launch was much more pleasant an operation than normal. The Flex Drive made maintaining my position while vertical jigging a breeze. Normally when battling the wind and attempting to fish with a paddle kayak, its like taking one step forward and two steps back. But this was time was a welcomed change.

The weather was just about perfect all day, in fact I got a little hot just before the fan turned on. For lunch we found a nice beach with a couple locals hanging around and started a fire so we could cook up our Hawaiian sausages. We relaxed for a little while, before fishing our way back to the launch. I need to start targeting lake trout more often, so I can cross one of those monsters off my list!