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Winter 2018 has been a bear up here in Maine this year coming in like a lion and going out like a lion. The season gripped the Northeast U.S. with frigid temperatures and didn’t let go for around six weeks. It felt like forever.

We did get out once in January in some ocean swell. It looked big researching the buoys off the coast of Maine and we had a short January so Pete, Mike and I headed to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park.

Otter Cove in Acadia National Park doesn’t come in much but if the swell and waves are high enough and the wind isn’t blowing 30 knots it can be really fun and somewhat scary.

We bolted out of the car to look at the surf and it was there and we put in to find some big waves to surf. I had the Antix medium and Mike had his Rockstar and the first thing I saw was Mike getting spit out of a crashing wave airborne style after completely disappearing.

My goto boat has become the Antix and it is perfect ion the large surf for moving around and getting great surfs or throwing tricks. Perfect for big water, ocean waves or running whatever.

We made it up to the Penobscot in February this winter and had a ton of fun on the West Branch of the Penobscot. Out with a large group up the is so fun when practically every car or truck you pass on the way up is hauling snowmobiles and ice fishing gear. We ended up with multiple gorge crib runs and temperatures in the upper 30’s so it was a perfect winter boating session.

We also got out to Blue Hill Falls this winter. I had to have a surgery this winter so I waited for the Dr. to give the OK and off to the reversing falls. Blue Hill is a great place to get the rust off and surf and squirt. It has a few small waves and a great eddy line that is perfect for throwing down the stern of the Antix.

Yesterday was the first day of spring and Anthony and I spent a glorious warm, sunny day at Blue Hill. A good tide and warm sun makes for a perfect beginning to a new paddling season! Hopefully all this snow melts into some high water soon.