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Earlier in the month it was my birthday, the one rule I have about being self employed is I don’t work my birthday! With that in mind a trip out on my newly delivered Cruise FD was in order! I decided to do some fly fishing for Rainbow Trout, not something I do very often but I do enjoy it when I get chance to go.

So I made the short 55min drive to Wykeham Lakes in North Yorkshire, UK. They have a small but beautiful clear lake well stocked with lovely Trout. I’ll be honest I’m not the best at fly casting but I can get a fly out at least and that’s what matters! I really should have the Jackson Mayfly for this sort of fishing but really couldn’t leave the FD in the garage but found the pedals didn’t get caught on the fly too much at all.

Today I was fishing a sinking fly on a floating line, covering the first few feet of water and stripping back the fly. I missed a few plucks at the fly until bang! Fish on! It was a fine Trout of around 4lb, it fought really hard and just wouldn’t give up but eventually had her in the net. Lovely looking fish at Wykeham so i was very happy.
It wasn’t long before the next fish came along, a little smaller but again fought like a demon! I’m enjoying this! I missed plenty more takes and landed a few more. I really enjoyed my birthday fly fishing and loved my new Cruise FD.

A very happy chappy, I can think of worse ways to spend your birthday!!