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In 2012 Jackson Kayak released the original Cuda. At this point there was no need for the Cuda14, Cuda12 or CudaHD name, because it was the only Cuda model available at the time. I had been personally using a few other kayak brands for my business and personal use and my number two complaints we’re about back discomfort and sore wet butts.
 Within months of switching my fleet over to the Cudas I noticed that I was not only receiving less complaints on comfort but for the first time I was hearing positive feedback. It was great to see clients walking down, amazed at accessories and the looks of the kayak I was offering and hearing multiple times (I can’t believe I was able to sit and fish for six to eight hours!) All that feedback was great but after a year after switching my fleet I picked up on something else. More people were coming back out with and bringing friends and family. That’s when I realized not only had I finally found a comfortable kayak to play on but this kayak had helped me move my guiding gig into a full-time business.
  The reason I wanted to start my article with a quick backstory is to share how I started my relationship with JK. The comfortable seating and all around great layout of the Cuda was unlike anything else at that point in time. I wanted to provide the best equipment I could and the Cuda was a perfect match.
 The Cuda models are a great all around fishing kayak. Over the years I’ve made sure to keep at least a few of the Cuda models in the fleet. It’s been getting tougher with Jackson Kayak releasing new kayaks pretty much every year since I made the switch in 2012.  If you are wondering. Yes I try my best to keep one of each model in the fleet. Again it’s not easy as the numbers of JK fishing kayaks continue to grow.
 The Cudas have changed a little but the concept is still the same.  They’re inshore fishing machines.  They handle chop great, stay dry and are stable enough to stand. It’s not often but clients will get up sometimes and look for fish with me. That’s a long way from where things were when I started.
    I’ve been able to guide a lot different people with ranging experience and having a kayak that’s stable and fast is so important. It’s not like I know who I’m getting on any given day. Just because a guy is in his seventies doesn’t mean he or she can’t out paddle my next day’s clients that are fit looking and in their twenties.  That’s one of the fun parts of kayak guiding. (Can I get them to the fish?) I often think as I’m setting up for the trip. 
 All the photos in this article are of the Cuda, Cuda14 models As my clients faces show. It’s hard to beat a good day of kayak fishing!
    One of the best advantages of using Jackson Kayak exclusively for a guiding business is I haven’t needed to bring in other manufacture’s models to accomplish what I’m looking to do with clients. Yes I’ve had to be patient while I waited for the release of the CoosaFD for a pedal drive option. That kayak I’ll go over in my next article in my Why I Use Jackson Kayaks for my kayak fishing charter business.

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