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The kayak gave me access to this amazing start of the fishingseason

On the Swedish westcoast, ranked #7 on CNN’s list of the last great wildernesses, you can find the archepelago of Bohuslän. Hundreds of island that make base for some of the most breathtaking scenery, amazing fishing and the perfect place for paddlesports.

After a long and cold winter, snowstorms after snowstorms, and the magical date was getting closer. The first of April we are once again allowed to fish after the elusive searun browntrout. The silver torpedoes of the ocean. Fishermen travel far to be a part of the premiere.
Me and my buddy Joel planned it weeks in advance. and the closer we got, the more nervous we became. The water was to cold to have any good fishing. The prey of the torpedoes haven´t entered the shallows yet.
But dispyte cold weather, drifting icesheets and rough winds, we made a battleplan.
Get the trusty Cuda14, and my new Coosa FD and peddle/paddle out to an island were we knew some trouts would be, and competing fishermen wouldn’t.

Photo: CflodinPhoto

The evning before we rigged our flyrods, prepared the pankakebatter and the drinks, and dreamed about what we might catch.
I slept like a kid before christmas, and Joel didn’t sleep at all.

At the break of dawn, we headed out. Conquered fairly rough seas and arrived at our designated location. Lifted our gear ashore, and scouted the island. Allmost stepped on a Deerbuck that gave us a show when running in ankledeep freezing water to escape us.

Now it was 2 souls on the island, the coffe was boiling and we smelled fish in the air
(Dispyte vigorus use of deoderant)

First cast, nothing.
Second cast, nothing..
Third cast, nothing…. Thats fishing huh?

On the fift cast i did, Nothing, Nothing, and then something took my fly.
I was using a #7 flyrod wich a bit overpowered usually, but not today.
The trout gave me a heck of a ride. And when Joel tried to net it, it played around with him and we guess it giggled as it swam around the net quite a few times.

After Joel finally netted the beast, he shouted it must be 24inch+ (60cm+)
And after meassuring it, we concluded it was 24,4inch (62cm)

After a rock’nroll-start like that, both of us was high on happiness and continued fishing the whole day.

And we could never have reached that island without our kayaks, god bless e’m!