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You know when Facebook reminds you of something many years ago?    I was recently reminded that eleven years ago I had posted some photos of my friends and I surfing the Turbo Wave on the Payette River.   Familiar faces like Will Parham and Ryan Bailey were there.  One of the following seasons, the Turbo Wave disappeared and seemed to be gone forever.
And then last year, to our surprise, the Turbo Wave returned!   Newer boaters never knew of the Turbo Wave from a decade ago.   But a few of us felt that nostalgia of throwing tricks in the playboats of yesteryear.  The Turbo Wave matured over the years as it seems to come in at a higher flow and it may be a little bigger.   The ideal window now is between 5000 and 7500cfs on this fork of the river.
Located near the end of the South Fork of the Payette, this wave is walking distance from the town of Banks, Idaho.   It is in the second-to-last rapid, sometimes called “Fake Slalom,” a class 2.   This spring I’ve seen many of the old faces enjoying time with a long-lost friend.   And I was stoked to see paddlers like Mark Cecchini and Hayden Voorhees have a proper introduction to this awesome feature.   Even the youngsters at World Class Kayak Academy developed a tight relationship with the Turbo Wave.
This spring the window has been holding for us to have many opportunities to session this awesome wave.   I’ve personally had a few park-and-play days there and some other rides while paddling downriver on one of my favorite stretches of high water.  Very soon the wave will be leaving the area but will hopefully return each year in the future.    One day I hope you and the Turbo Wave get to meet.
Surfs up!