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Recently I took delivery of my new Cruise FD, been wanting to try fishing from a pedal kayak for sometime so was very happy when this bad boy arrived! I tried it for some Trout fishing but I bought it for my Pike fishing so was keen to give it a proper test.

We arrived at our venue and wasn’t long before I was hitting the water, there was a slight breeze so this gave me chance to try holding station by gently peddling. This worked wonders, I could stay in the same spot and fan cast the area properly. This resulted in the first fish, only a small jack Pike but I was happy to have one landed.
I headed to a shallow outcrop which normally has a few Pike lurking around, first pass through resulted in another Pike a little bigger but only 6-7lb then another smaller fish but fell off near the kayak. Decided to leave the area for a little and do a spot of trolling, this is where my FD makes a lot of sense. Trolling whilst holding the rod is sooo much better, you can feel for takes plus any obstructions, weed, etc but at the same time adjust your speed whilst peddling. What a revolation compared to paddling!
Well it worked as I landed a Pike of around 8lb, so pleased trolling this way worked!

Back to the shallow outcrop and a few more casts, a better fish of around 15lb came up to the kayak but turned away but a slightly smaller Pike of around 11-12lb did take though which was fun.

Overall a nice days fishing and came away very pleased I bought a Cruise FD. This suits me perfectly though will be keeping some of my paddling kayaks, still enjoy a spot of paddling 🙂