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I am a self deemed “purest” when it comes to kayaking, and kayak fishing for that matter. The main thing that drew me to this pastime was the fact that I could move through the water without any noise and quickly get on and off the water. For years I have been completely against the people pedaling their kayaks around like a little kids tricycle, saying things like “that’s not kayaking” or “won’t see me in one of those anytime soon”.. Was I completely wrong…
This winter Jackson Kayak came out with their Coosa FD and Cruise FD models, at first I was very nervous. I always am weary of a new line coming out for the first year, especially one that is so different than anything else the company has ever put on the market. “Let them work the kinks out for the first year” is what I ALWAYS say.

Needless to say, again, I couldn’t have been more wrong. While down south this past winter I got the honor of trying out one of the very first Coosa FD’s off of the line, and just fell in love with the boat. I couldn’t believe how compact the drive unit was, it seemed like Jackson really look every type of paddler into account when they designed the “Flex Drive” system. From the hinged drive itself, bouncing up into the haul of the boat if you hit anything shallow. As well as still providing a large “work area” to stand and fish.

On top of all of the ascetic positives about these boats, they don’t do them justice until you actually get in and pedal them. The Coosa FD is a rock solid fishing machine, providing the angler with the ability to move and fish at the same time as well as stand and move around with ease. The Cruise FD is a speed demon of a kayak, while still providing enough stability to stand up and fish if wanted.

After a while of debate on which one I would want to purchase for my next Jackson Kayak, I made a decision, and purchased both the Coosa FD and the Cruise FD! A few months after that fact, I have never regretted it once. These boats have changed every aspect of kayaking for me and I couldn’t be happier. That being said, I will still never be caught on the water without my trusty Bending Branches Angler Ace Paddle, as much as I love the pedal drive, something’s will NEVER change