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I love to kayak fish!

I love to fish from my kayak. I really do love everything about it. The pursuit of the catch, the sweetness and appreciation of the release, feeling a part of nature and learning new things from observing and doing. The sheer bliss of solitude in outdoor beauty and sometimes the excitement of competition, even with just one’s self. I don’t have to travel far or make extravagant plans. It doesn’t have to be a full day commitment. Even an hour or two here and there is a fun getaway. 

But a huge part of getting on the water is the sense of adventure and the feeling of exhilaration from just getting away from the mundane or the stresses of life. I always feel rejuvenated. 

My almost 90 year old mother!

I think that everyone craves a sense of adventure to varying degrees. You don’t have to be a fishing fanatic like me or need to run rapids to enjoy all the other aspects of kayaking. Finding a comfort level based on temperament and physical ability is the key. The goal is enjoyment, a different perspective and a bit of adventure. 

Mom getting her adventure fix.

Grandmother and granddaughter having a blast together!

My parents are nearing their ninth decade of life and are less physically able to float a river with six kids in tow like they did years ago. But taking a short paddle over gin clear springs and a refreshing dip in the icy waters does wonders for the soul! The amazing features of the Big Rig, Coosa HD and many other Jackson kayaks that make them highly desirable fishing vessels also make them a perfect choice for paddlers, like my parents, who needs stability and security. It’s a great feeling to have them chattering about what they saw and how much fun they had! 

Making memories with my daughter.

My daughter in the Big Rig.

My daughter has taken many river/camping treks with her friends and the storage capacity in these kayaks is phenomenal for these longer trips. Multi-day river runs are less tiring when you’ve got comfortable seats and the ability to stand. She enjoys taking photographs of the flora and fauna along the way and can clamber all over the deck for the perfect shot. It’s always wonderful to see her pictures and hear the stories of her memorable adventures! 

Standing is a huge plus!

Ten year old friend with her Skipper feeling accomplished!

What a joy to see younger folks feeling independent, confident and accomplished. Having the right sized kayak that they can handle themselves adds to their enjoyment. I love to watch my friend’s ten year old daughter and her friends exercise that independence of launching and paddling by themselves. Experiences like these are invaluable to their self esteem, empowerment and can-do attitudes. 

Myself, my parents and my daughter having a memorable family adventure with the kayaks.

My family and other non-fishing friends are so supportive of my year round kayak fishing escapades. They share in my excitement with the stories I tell and pictures I take. But we all want our own stories to share and to feel that adventuresome spirit. So sometimes I just put down the rods and join them for a paddling or pedaling adventure and then I eagerly listen to their own kayaking stories. 

~Jean Wilson 

Jackson Kayak Fishing Team