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One of the most appealing things about fishing is that it offers certain aspects that will keep an angler captivated. For some, it is by being surrounded my Mother Nature, others enjoy the sunrise and sunsets and the rest just like to catch fish. For me, one of my favorite things to do in this world is to be waste deep in the Texas Gulf throwing a Super Spook at daylight. By far, one of the funnest things that an angler can do is catch fish on topwater’s!

Throwing these lures does not only offer an affective way of catching limits but it also happens in a way that is different from any other style of fishing. When a fish decides to strike your lure, there is nothing subtle about it and an angler gets to experience several of the human senses in a split second.

One thing about topwater’s is that they make a certain sound that is not like any other lure. When working one, they make a loud “knocking” sound and when worked properly, they carry on a constant cadence that fish can not resist; the term for it is “Walking the Dog”. So on calm mornings, the knocking seems to drown out any other sounds that surround you and that is the only thing that you can focus on. Then when a fish hits, it will break the rhythm of the continuous sound with a new one; it sounds almost if a fish is “smacking” at it and when you hear this, get ready.

Once you hear a fish blowup, this then brings the best aspect about throwing a topwater, the sight of it! Getting to witness a hungry fish attack a lure on the surface is one of the more awesome things that can be seen; we call it a “blowup” for a reason! Fish will come completely out of the water on their attack just to ensure that they captured their prey. I also have seen fish hit just beneath my lure and pop my topwater 3′ in the air and slam it again once it lands back on the waters surface. Throwing topwater’s is one of the most visually appealing things in the fishing world and can not be duplicated.

Now that you have heard and seen the blowup, it is time for the feel out it. When a redfish or trout strikes a lure, they don’t plan on missing it! So this brings on a heavy and fast attack and when it happens, you need to be holding on to your pole. The initial fight is fun and explosive and is always provides entertainment.

The greatest thing about all of this is that it happens within a second. You can go minutes and even hours of throwing topwater’s before catching a fish. It is all worth it though when you are walking the dog, chatting with your friends and when you least expect it, you get a blowup. That split second of intense action is worth every bit of effort that went into that day of fishing. Now that warm weather is here, summertime is the perfect season to tie on a topwater and hit the Texas Coast.