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French Paddler- Tom Dolle (Current Junior World Champion) does his first Test Flight of the new Rock Star 4.0, which is quickly becoming known as the “First Human Powered Spacecraft”    


“Feels like the First time… like it never did before… feels like the first time… like it never will again!”   Foreigner

Over three years since we made a new Freestyle Kayak…. That is the longest time in Jackson Kayak history… well, the wait is over!


Getting in the Rock Star 4.0 was a little “strange” at first, but I got used to it quickly…   I added Sweet Cheeks 200 and then another Sweet Cheeks 100 on top of that to jack myself up into the higher deck.     The front view is a fast looking, sweeping forward, and down deck that just screams “plug me”.       The extra volume changes the feel for cartwheels without a doubt.     I am pretty sure I can make a video of me throwing a 10 pointer and not getting wet.      This boat holds you out of the water and throws you in the air.    

Stephen Wright testing his take-off and landings in the Rock Star 4.0

I have been wanting to get a move that I have imagined for a long time…  Back flip from 20’ over the river, into a massive Pogo Flip on the landing.     I have tried many times, but I go too deep in the water and the water loads up on my back and stops my upwards momentum and throws off my pop for the loop.     My first time in the Rock Star 4.0 and I got it on my first try.    The extra volume and pumpkin seed shape doesn’t allow the boat to go that deep in the water.   I didn’t have water on my back and I got thrown high out of the water.  The move I have been wanting for a few years now finally happened and It went huge.    

I was lucky to have an hour at 1 generator before it went up to 2 generators for testing my new boat.   At 1 generator I had Macho moves, small wave/hole, and flatwater.     At 2 generators I had the main hole and top wave, as well as some little waves to surf.     

Here is what you can expect from the new Rock Star 4.0..


The basics:

  • Comfortable and more leg/foot room than other medium we have made (or anyone else).    
  • Lightweight- we were able to keep this boat, in standard form, under 30 pounds!
  • Durable- plenty of plastic where it is needed and no more welds or kiss offs to break!
  • Dry- this cockpit rim really works well with both rand and bungee skirts to keep the water out!

The Fun stuff:

  • Massive Areal moves in holes!   big volume equals big air.   We also created a shape that really releases well off of the foam pile.
  • Easy to take off the water for wave tricks…  this is our best wave boat yet. 
  • Retentive:  stay in the feature and keep playing!   What??? How am I still here?? that is what you’ll be saying!

You will be the hero of your local playspot in this new boat!  Get yours now and show off what you can do!!



here is my boat being made as well! Thank you To everyone at Jackson Kayak for being AWESOME!!!