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Back to Chile: A smash and grab

I might be flying back to TN today, but it wont be for long, as I am going back to Chile for a short and sweet smash and grab trip. I am gonna be heading south with Adrian Mattern as well as some fellow JK team members. This is a little earlier than I have headed there in the past, but with intention, as early usually means more water. I spent a few weeks there after the World Championships last winter and ended up having a dope few weeks and fell off almost every waterfall that is in that area. Including falling off a 90fter, 80fter, 50fter, and back freewheeling a 30fter….all in one day. But I am only going back for about 2 weeks this trip to try and get some of the main runs with some juice in them. But my main goal is to first descent one of the most popular waterfalls in Chile with Adrian, the waterfall at the end of the Siete Tazas (Seven Teacups). It is one of the most perfect looking 80fters out there, and the reason it hasn’t been done before is that the rapids just above are known to either be too manky or sieved out to run. But we are gonna give it that extra minute of scouting to see if we can paddle in, or are gonna have to rappel in to run it. Either way we plan on taking the time to make this one happen because it looks like one of the most glorious waterfalls, and it has taken way to long to make this one happen. But the nice thing about going in October is that even if things don’t work out for the big dawg, we are still gonna have plenty of other things to check out and potentially fall off of. It is almost impossible to get skunked in Chile, so either way I think we are in for a fun few weeks.

I am only gonna be there for 2 weeks, but Adrian Mattern, Evan Moore, Alec and Hayden Voorhees, and potentially a few others will be there for a solid chunk of time. For a few of them it will be their first time either going with water, or going to Chile at all. So I am super stoked to get them on the classics and do some boating with them down south. I think they are gonna be mind blown, and I just can’t wait to get down there and start sending!

(Photos by Casey Jones)