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If you would’ve asked me 10 years ago what I thought my hobbies would consist of when I’d reach 31 years old I’m certain that I wouldn’t have known what to predict. Likely something involved with music. I can guarantee that I would not have predicted that I’d have a love for the Louisiana salt marsh, with it’s dark and muddy waters. Dilapidated boats lining it’s canals, once the pride of their owners, now just reminders that the salt air quickens their deterioration. I didn’t know that I would dream of shallow ponds and muddy bottoms, wishing to creep into them yet again in search of gold. Gold scales.


The redfish. Other than it’s color, it’s somewhat a plain fish, and not extremely intelligent. You don’t have to be a scientist to successfully target them like with bass. You don’t have to depend on the tidal movement or moon phase like with sea trout. You don’t have to search out underwater structure and ledges either. All you have to do is see them & hook one to understand why they’re a special fish.

Tails in the air, or profiles in the water – anglers come from all over the country to see what it’s like to sight fish a redfish in shallow water. From the way they move through the water, the way they crash fleeing bait, the way their gills flare up when they charge a lure, and of course the fight they put up.

I’m addicted.