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Well as the tital suggests it’s been a long winter here in Ireland with cold weather and storms.
It’s been that bad that I hadn’t ventured out to sea in quite some time as the water temperatures have been ridiculously cold and the fish simply were not here.

We had a warm spell for a few weeks with temperatures reaching the 20s so I ventured out hoping the water temperature followed and the fishing was on the up as summer approaches.

I was right! Not terrific by all means tho it was great to see some of the summer species showing up and even better piping up for a pic before being released.
It was also nice to catch some of my favourite fish (Male Cuckoo Wrasse) the electric colours and no 2 fish are the same.
Tactics here on my home turf are pretty straight forward, using my fishfinder (Raymarine Dragonfly 5 pro) powered by a hugely impressive tiny Nocqua lithium 4.4ah battery that lasts longer than my ass will on the kayak, I paddle about until I find a reef, once over it I use my favourite rig a Shamrock tackle bleeding glow worm rig. Pretty much feathers without all the fuss, super sharp hooks with a wrap of green luminous cotton that works a treat attracting a variety of species, I usually bait these with fish baits or worm and drop them down to the bottom and drift over the reefs. As the hooks are quite small you can pick up pretty much anything from small LRF species to bigger fish you would normally use bigger rigs for…..
I’m really looking forward to this years fishing and I hope it only gets better.