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The Jackson Kayak Big Rig has been the go to kayak for anglers.  It provides a large platform with an abundance of space for fishing gear, the capacity to carry it all, and the stability to stand while fishing.  For tournament kayak anglers the Big Rig offers the ability to be kitted out with anything and everything you need while grinding out those long days on the water.  This was an industry first and a dream come true to many anglers.


As kayak angling evolves so do the kayaks themselves.  Jackson Kayak has been listening to the anglers and has now evolved the classic Big Rig into the Big Rig HD/FD.  The HD and FD still have all of the features everyone loved about the original Big Rig, but all of those features have been improved.  The Rod troughs now support two rods on each side, and the rod tip protectors are molded into the kayak.  The High/Low seating system has been evolved to a sliding High/Low seating system with an even taller seat.  The transducer scupper has now been increased in size to support many of the larger side imaging transducers such as the Raymarine Axiom. 


The evolution didn’t stop at improvements to the classic Big Rig features.  Jackson Kayak has also focused on features such as rod staging, adding fly rod holders, paddle storage, and a redesigned hull shape that increases stability and makes both paddling and pedaling very smooth.  One of the major evolutions is the introduction of a large interchangeable pod system to the deck of the kayak. 


For anglers who prefer to paddle, the HD version comes with a pod that provides a large open deck area.  The HD pod has a recessed storage hatch that provides ample dry storage within easy reach. This huge open deck space almost reminds me of being on the front deck of a bass boat.  I was able to easily adjust my feet, walk around, and even fish while standing sideways. 


For those who prefer to pedal over paddle, the FD version has the same hull and rudder as the HD version, but comes with a hand rudder controls and the pod is equipped with the Jackson Kayak Flex Drive.  The Big Rig FD pedals extremely smooth and I was very surprised that it is just as fast as the Coosa FD.  I was also impressed that I had plenty of room to stand and move around the kayak even though I had the Flex Drive pedals in front of me.  


Anglers now have the option to purchase the Big Rig from their local dealer in either the HD version or the FD version.  They may also purchase either the FD or HD pods separately.  This gives the angler the ability to easily convert from HD (Paddle) to FD (pedal) with the simple change of the pod and rudder control. There will also be a E-Flex Drive pod available for those who would like to use an electric motor.


The Big Rig HD and FD will be arriving at your local Jackson Kayak Dealer this Fall.