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Well this was one mission I have always wanted to achieve, paddling across Strangford loughs fierce narrows!!
This is a narrow stretch of water that connects the lough to the sea, the currents can reach in access of 5-6 knots in this area, creating huge standing waves, boils and whirlpools.
It was once also the home to many Vikings, one to mention would be Magnus Olafsson, better know as Magnus bare legs or bare foot, king of Norway.
Conquering the lough as he did around 1093 by paddle and man power is pretty impressive not to mention the crossing from Norse lands.
The fishing is pretty good in places here too for certain species. A few of us made a day of it by targeting small stuff around and underneath Strangfords harbour before making our way across the narrows to Portaferry at the other side. We also let the current take us further north up into the main lough, at times we where paddling at 11.5 knots with the tide…. pretty impressive. Once in the lough we fished for a short period until the tide changed and the currents took us back to strangford. It was exciting but scary, tho it’s now done and dusted….. another box ticked or the list..