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I cannot explain to you how much the Coosa FD has increased my ability to catch more fish. No, it didn’t magically make me a better angler but it did give me some features that allow me to better utilize the angling skills that I do have.

First of all, and this should be an obvious one, it allows me to cover about 3 times as much water as I previously did in my paddle crafts. I find that I am covering in excess of 10-15 miles easily during tournaments even when the wind is less than desireable. We all know how easily the wind can ruin a day of fishing, especially when a check is on the line.
With all of that water being covered I have the opportunity to go further from the launch and find new areas to fish that were previously thought to be “out-of-reach”. I have found a few spots like this that most of my tournament competetion wouldn’t attempt to go to under paddle power only. I do, however, have to be more mindful of weigh-in times being so far from the launch.

Second, it is much easier to fish a dock or seawall for larger redfish and flounder while having the ability to put the boat in reverse by simply pedaling backwards and backing the fish out of the structure with ease. It is very exciting to make that perfect cast right up on a dock where your topwater bait lands mere inches from the pilings and twitch that rod a
couple of times and have the bait engulfed right next to the dock. That makes it really easy for even a modest sized trout or red to take you it under the dock for that potential break-off.

Another cool thing about the Coosa FD is its stability. I frequently stand and fish and even turn around and fish out of the back of the boat when needed. I can stand through modest wake sizes from passing boats with no fear of falling. On a side note, I have found that I only need to anchor up a fraction of the time I used to because of my ability to maintain
position with just a turn of the pedal either forward or back.

I have to say that the number one thing that I enjoy about it is how easy it is to pedal the whole day and not feel the shoulder and back strain that always accomapnied a long days fishing in the paddle kayak. Gone are the days of strugling to get the kayak back in the truck because of how tired and sore I was.

The bottom line here is that the Coosa FD is a saltwater fishing machine and I recommend that everyone give it a serious concideration when deciding which kayak is right for your salt angling adventures. That is advise from an old salt!