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Whitewater has a way of creating and shaping communities in a special way that no other sport can do. The joy that we experience as paddlers on whitewater gives us a sense like no other and hard to put into words. This sense of wonder often motivates us to do more and give back to the places that bring us good times. The raw power of whitewater and the awe inspiring beauty that surrounds any river or stream becomes a draw to many others also in a different way. When you combine these two efforts in the greater local community some pretty incredible developments can happen!

Here is a story that was published in our local newspaper recently about the changing house and other recent developments going on at this newly established community park and river access in my home of Carter County, Tennessee. Many from our local APE’s club have had a hand in volunteering in this project over the past year and the local community has truly been inspired by our work there to continue the development.

If you are ever in the area make sure to stop by and enjoy the new park amenities in Hampton, TN! The next time the Doe is running there are three great sections of the river to give a try for many skill levels: Lower Doe (Class II-III), Upper Doe (Class III) & Doe Gorge (Class III-IV). Each section is filled full of fun and great scenery!