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Back in 2015 2 sets of fishing buddies set down to figure out how to grow the kayak fishing community in the small town of Gadsden, Alabama. The four had met while fishing in tournaments in their region, and wondered why they haven’t fished together since they were practically neighbors. They had seen other kayak anglers out on the lake, and realized they didn’t know them. Something needed to be done.

They wanted more opportunities to fish competitively, but also to grow a community of anglers that could work together for trip planning, conservation, etc… They vowed to keep entry fees low. They put the focus on community. They kept the rules simple. They kept the locations local. They kept the mood light. They decided to focus on short, COMMON LAUNCH events.

Initially they hoped to have 10 or so anglers show up for their Thursday Throwdown Series. Now a short 3 years later, that number flirts with and exceeds 30. Very respectable in a small town. They have made local officials take notice. They have added many friends, congratulated each other over births, and mourned losses. They did this as a community, because somebody decided to make it happen.

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