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A new local fishing club recently started up in Northern Ireland “Norther Ireland federation of sea anglers”.
The club supports multiple disciplines from LRF, HRF to shore and boat Fishing for all age groups and genders. I was lucky enough to be asked to introduce kayak Angling also.

The first small boats and kayak competition was held a few weeks ago, this was a species hunt held province wide and also the first time running the comp.

Two kayaks entered the competition and I had a third visitor fishing with me from Dublin, the conditions where pretty grim to say the least, that bad actually that a few boats did not bother going out and fishing. We set off and stayed in the shelter of the bay (not that it done much) and mainly drift fished as anchoring would have been dangerous. In the pretty short time period of the competition I managed 10 species including my first even Dragonett, a remarkably coloured fish…… this alone made my day regardless of the competition.
Once on dry land and all species submitted it was not long before I realised that the persistence in poor conditions payed off…. the 10 species landed me in first place.