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It is July 30th, 2018 and I have taken a small “break” from kayak fishing.

I have spent the last 48 out of the last 60 days chasing my goal of a top 10 finish in the Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) Angler of the Year Standings at the end of the year. I have fished Kentucky Lake, Barkley, Cedar Creek Lake, Grand Lake, Guntersville, Pickwick, Browns Creek Lake, Percy Priest, Cumberland River, South Cross Creek impoundment lakes and Yellow Creek.

In doing so I have had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people and network with new anglers to kayak fishing.

Just this past weekend, I went to Cedar Creek Lake in Kentucky to scout for a KBF Tournament in a few weeks.

Upon arriving at the ramp some of the anglers from the local club were out pre-fishing and just fun fishing.

Two guys one of which I knew previously from other tournaments and an angler who is new to fishing both stopped fishing to come over to chat.

One of the anglers I kept running into throughout the day as I was covering water and flipping submerged trees tops came from across the lake to just chat.

I am a very open and friendly person and will never turn down the opportunity to enjoy dock talk.

The gentleman I spoke to about how his day was going and we shared information of the ways we were catching fish throughout the day.

One thing stuck out to me as I got back to the ramp was how the kayak fishing community is very friendly and open to sharing information on different platforms.

We were loading my Coosa FD on the top of his trailer and a guy came down the ramp with his kayak and he was quick to say “hey man, hope the fishing was good for you.”

I immediately said thanks, good luck to you today buddy.

This small statement is what makes the community so great.

Let’s keep this going when your out next time.

Talk to a new angler, ask someone new to go fish or just say “hey good luck to you today.”

Thanks for reading and we will see you on the water!

-Anthony Shingler