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The 5th annual Green River Takeover was just that; a day just for women. This year, we had 94 women all kayak the Green River together, and many other women join afterwards for a fun party and fundraiser raffle!
I have had the honor of attending the Green River Takeover every year so far. My favorite part is hanging out with all of my great friends and of course making new ones! As kayaking is still a male dominated sport, seeing so many women kayakers together at the same time is truly an invigorating and unique experience.
The original idea behind the Green River Takeover, was to get together as many women kayakers as possible and have them “takeover” the river. More than just a way to meet and paddle with a bunch of rad women, this is also a chance to honor the memories of our fallen friends. The money raised in the raffle is donated to the Live Like Maria and Shannon Christy Memorial Funds. This year, we raised an incredible $6500!
So, this year, we had an incredible 94 women together on the river. That means, next year I’m looking forward to kayaking with over 100 women! Hope to see you all there! ~Diane Brasuell (Gaydos)

Also, my husband Daniel Brasuell was the official photographer and videographer of the event. Check out the great video he made. He did a great job capturing the feeling of the day!