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So there are plenty of different items that you should take with you when you are kayaking, however here are the basic bare essential rescue equipment items that you should always have with you when you paddle. Check out this short Youtube video for info on this equipment.

I like to remember it by thinking of 4,3,2,1,1,1,1

4 Carabiners, They must be locking
3 Pulleys
2 Prusik ropes of at least 6mm tied with a double fisherman’s knot to create a loop
1 Webbing tied with a water knot to create a loop
1 Throw Rope
1 Rescue Knife
1 Whistle

As with any rescue items you need to know how to use them so make sure you complete a rescue course. It’s easy to get info via youtube and online but I suggest every paddler completes a rescue course to make sure you and your crew is safe on the water.
See you on the water.