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Samantha, my little sister, and I got to talking about how she likes to bring food on the river. We decided to make a short video of how she packs her snacks!

I love Jackson kayak because they are the only company that really promotes kids kayaking. My little sisters love the extra small Rockstar because it is just the right size for them, and they can get an early start learning to surf waves and playboat. When you take kids out on the river, you need to pack lots of food so that they can stay happy. A full belly is the only way to have a fun day on the river! I personally love to take several clif bars on the water because they provide quick energy, and they taste great. Several of my sisters are gluten and dairy free, and many clif bars (even the chocolate brownie flavor) are both gluten and dairy free. These bars are convenient, and relatively cheap. I also love the oats and honey granola bars. If you are on a river that has colder water I usually bring a couple string cheese sticks as well. When I go on trips with my sisters, we usually stop and eat something about every hour. This keeps them happy and full of energy to keep learning and having a great day.

Thanks for watching! Hope to see you on the water soon!!