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Here is the deal: kayaking is not a repetition sport. I mean, only when playboating you try moves over and over again, but river-running… you really only hit that one move once a day. 
You see, I come from skateboarding. When I was a kid I would play ALL afternoon and tried about ONE THOUSAND times hitting the board-slide or the 360-flip, or until the bruises in my ankles would make me stop.

Pic by Calleb Wallace

Repetition is how the human brain learns new things- trying something, failing, adjusting, trying again, failing again, adjusting again, and so on. So how are we supposed to get good at boofing when we don’t run the same drop at least a dozen times in a single session, until we dial in the timing, speed and proper stroke?
Just some food for thought.
Rafa Ortiz