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Fishing in the fall can be a completely different experience than summer. Especially here in New York state. With water temps dropping quickly there are always a few important key things to remember when going out.
One, BE SAFE, this is the most important thing to always remember when going out on the water. This time of the year people always try to stretch the end of summer more and more into fall, and it scares me. Remember, 40 degree mornings are not the time for flip flops and a cooler of bud lights. You need to be safe on these mornings and take into the account that the water temp is going to be dropping as well, and if you get in the water, the air temp will NOT warm you up like it would in July. A year round soap box that you will hear from me, not just when it is starting to cool down, is to ALWAYS wear your lifejacket, PERIOD. And stay away from the inflatable style (IN MY OPINION) but falling into cold water will almost immediately put your body into shock, and if you aren’t able to pull the cord, or heaven forbid you bump your head or the cartridge malfunctions, it will not end well. Another piece of advice that is just as important is to NEVER paddle alone, always use the buddy system. It is not worth going out for a few hours unless you are safe, remember that. Believe me, there is always someone looking for a fishing buddy!

Another topic when fishing in the fall, up in the North East, is to remember that the fish’s habits are also changing. The same baits that worked the beginning of September will not work now, and chances are the fish aren’t in the same spots they were then either! It is time to look into fall fishing techniques and colors.

This time of the year beings a much slower bite as well, so slowing down your retrieval will help out a lot. But it is important to slow everything about kayak fishing down this time of year, and no I don’t mean don’t go as often. When I say “Slow Down” I mean think about what you are going to do, and then think about it again. Make sure it’s a good decision and then think about it again. (Think about it three times, at least) Be safe out there, and make sure to always…. Take photos! Fall is one of the prettiest times to be out on the water, as long as you are smart about it, there is no reason not to enjoy it.
Tight Lines
Justin Hausner