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We fishermen love tackle. I am as guilty as the next guy. On a tournament day, I have been known to paddle out with my kayak looking like a shrimp trawler carrying a tackle shop. But for day to day fishing it was simplicity that drew me to kayak fishing. With that in mind, I went looking for a storage system that I could toss in the truck, and have faith that it contained something to catch a fish, no matter where I might be. I went with a small bait binder filled with ziplock bags.

Many people use them for storing soft plastics. I took this a step further, by including the hooks, weights, etc… that are needed in the bag with each bait. You may notice in the pic that the bag containing the YUM Dingers, also holds the hooks and O-ring tool needed to rig these baits. I have done the same with some shaky heads with the craws, some EWGs for the flukes and worms, and the tackle needed to tie up a Carolina rig if things get extra tough. There are also a few bags containing some jigs and spinnerbaits. Let’s face it, if you can’t catch a fish with a plastic, jig, or spinner bait, you probably aren’t catching it anyway.

While this was meant as a grab and go fishing system for laid back days, I find myself relying on it heavily on tournament days as well. I have around a dozen plastics ready to rock, without digging in a crate or bulk box. It fits nicely within easy reach in the junk drawer of my Mayfly. It may not work for everyone, but for me it has proven to be good system. See you on the river.