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Hello everyone here’s a Q&A with my good friend cj welsh on his 2018 season.

#1. How did your season start out for you?
– it started out pretty slow but quickly picked up when the water started warm up.
#2. What was your favorite bait for the season?
-that would have to be an all white strike king bleeding elite buzz bait and a green pumpkin wacky worm.

#3. What was your favorite tournament stop this season?
-I would have to say my favorite tournament would be the pymatuning lake tournament for western pa kayak anglers because I got to fish that tournament with my dad and little brother. Funniest part of that tournament is that I caught a winning limit after the tournament was over.

#4 why do you choose to fish out of a cuda hd?
-I would have to say because it tracks vary well and it’s vary stable to stand in and I love the center storage compartment.

#5 what is your bucket list lake to fish and why?
-that I’m going to have to say is lake st. Clair because it holds some big smallmouth. Luckily next year the mi-oh kayak anglers will be holding a tournament there.
Here’s some of my best catches of the 2018 season.

– Cody Hainley