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Transitioning from a late summer pattern into fall can be a nightmare at times! The bass seem to be more spread out…..catch a few shallow and then catch a few deep. Sometimes making me literally pull what little of my hair I have left out of my head.

Top water Slaunch!!

By using your electronics to key in on so called “fish highways” it can be very productive. Finding those creek channels that lead to shallower flats with submerged stumps or a section of boat house docks in deeper water that lead to coves can be crucial to finding the fish. Also the grass lines adjacent to deeper water are great ambush sites for hungry bass. Find the bait and find the fish! As fall progresses bass will begin to bunch up and gorge themselves on the bait in the area.

Burning a chatterbait down grass lines pay’s off!

I like to start out throwing a reaction bait, like a chatter bait or lipless crank bait, if running thru stumps or deeper hydrilla that allows me to cover water quickly. Also a top water “walk the dog” style bait can be fished near those grass lines as the shallower fish will be there or the fish moving in from deeper water slide in for a easy meal. If finding some nice cover along the way it will be to your advantage to have a finesse jig with your favorite trailer tied on to work that cover thoroughly.

Booyah Flex II, KVD 1.5, Strike King Red Eye Shad

While on the topic of lures….don’t forget to have on hand a few of your favorite square bill crank baits and a few jerk baits, as both of those can be a great addition to your arsenal!

Heddon One Knocker Spook, KVD Jerk Shad, Arashi Top Walker

Calibre bait Co. Custom Chatterbaits

Take advantage of this time of year to gather more knowledge of the fisheries you are near. Also finding the right pattern to those stubborn bass that seem more like nomadic vikings on a rampage. Remember to view your maps and use tour electronics to your advantage. Map out your areas to fish and use search baits and reaction baits to cover more water and find those fish. Make the transition to fall a fun one!

Dustin Nichols
~Jackson Kayak Fishing Team