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A new fishing and diving shop recently opened up on the Breakwater Pier in Monterey, and they put on a Lingcod Tournament with both hook and line and speargun categories.

The conditions were pretty bad, but I paddled out in my Kraken anyway…

All my usual holes and spots were empty and the swell and surge made diving really hard…

I finally found one legal Lingcod and took him…

Turns out I was the only diver to check in a Ling so I ended up winning!

Feel pretty silly winning with such a little fish, but I worked my butt off for it so I’ll take it.

I also took a few decent Rockfish to round out my stringer and for fish tacos.

I won some cash and prizes and a gift cert from The PigWizard right next door that has great food and yummy beverages.

Hopefully next year more kayakers and divers will compete.

Thanks for looking!!