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Unfortunately, my plans for Baja didn’t quite work out, so I had to implement plan B. It came down to a few options, all in Nevada, but the East Walker won out.  We loaded up our gear in my truck and trailer Saturday morning and headed East for Yerington. Our plan was to check out Nevada’s newest State park and decide whether or not we’d spend our time there. The park was nice, but we prefer remoteness, so we moved on trying to locate a place to camp. We headed Southwest out in the desert to an area that we’ve ridden our ATV’s and located a place to stay for the next couple days. We arrived a little late however, so we had to get camp set up and cook dinner before dark. Which meant I only had about 15 minutes to fish that evening, but I did get one small rainbow in the pool below camp.

The next day we woke to some “brisk” conditions! Once we warmed up a little bit, we launched my little Cruise 10 by lowering it off the bank with a rope. Once on the water, my dog and I headed upstream and the first spot yielded a little brown. This particular river can be hard to fish from shore, so you either have to be willing to wade or have a kayak. I worked my way upstream, paddling as much as I could, and wading with the kayak in the shallower sections. For the first hour or so the bite was on! Picking up a few rainbows here and there, also dropping several in the process. But then things just died. I covered a lot of great looking holes without a tap or even a follower. Then around noon, the bite picked up again! I ended up catching some nice rainbows in several of the places I had already fished.
I made my way back downstream and stopped in camp for a quick bite to eat, then back on the water for the afternoon. Below camp, the water was quite a bit slower. I had a feeling that the local beaver family had something to do about that. Sure enough, about a ¼ mile down the beavers had diverted the river to the point that it just disappeared into the thick brush. I stashed the kayak on the shore and went for a solo hike in search of some good looking water. It was a little more difficult heading downstream than up, but finally I got to a point where the canyon narrowed and the brush disappeared. Of course it was late in the day that I get to some of the best looking water! I scrambled down the bank, send out a cast and hook what felt like a nice fish. It popped off and after a few more casts with no action I moved up to the next hole. First cast I get slammed and know I’ve got a solid fish! It ended up being a solid brown and the longest fish of the trip!
Monday, we packed up camp and decided to explore some of the area. But being in a full-size truck with a trailer it just wasn’t ideal. I’ll be back in the near future with the ATV’s. We made a couple stops on the way out to fish and check out a stagecoach stop. It ended up being a really good trip and something a little different than usual. I plan to explore the area a bit more with the kayaks, maybe even a multi-day trip!