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I was honored when Robert Field reached out to me one day over the summer, he was trying to plan a trip to fish in every state in the country as part of a new YouTube series he was going to start called “Field Trips”. He had heard of my name and was told I was the guy to get him all the best locations for fishing New York. Without question I was humbled and told him to get over to NY and I would take care of him! I told him we had multiple species in our area and that no matter what he wanted to catch I would do my best to get him on them!
Once he arrived we talked in length about the area and what he was looking for. He told me he has never caught a “Football sized small mouth” or a Tiger Musky and would like to target those while he was here visiting. We took the next two days, using one for Small Mouth on a lake to the north of my house Oneida Lake, and the other for Tiger Musky on Conesus Lake, a lake very well known in the area to be the best bet to catch one of these rare beauties.
Oneida didn’t disappoint, we were able to slam Smallies all day long on swim baits and chatterbaits in about 16 feet of water. I didn’t want to sound too excited to him, but I was geeking out about how lucky we got with the bite, it was amazing!

After that day I told him, musky were are hard species to get on the yak, no matter what breed. I told him the fact that I have been going out on Conesus for years, and while I always seem to get friends and clients on Musky, I have yet to catch my own! (An unfortunate yet true fact). I wanted to make he knew what we were getting into, that we would give it our best shot, but it’s a hard fish to catch. And the weather, did not help us! While Oneida was glass and a perfect morning, Conesus had white caps waiting for us with a 15 mph wind in the completely worst direction.
But anyway we decided to give it a go and brave the elements. And so glad we did. We got on some beautiful Northern Pike, and had a great time riding the waves (it’s a good thing I don’t get sea sick!) but no musky… not until I said the words “Oh well, we tried, should we start heading back in?” literally just after that, Rob hooked into a beautiful Tiger Musky!
Still none for me though. That’s ok though, it keeps me coming back for more, and it makes me so happy to see friends and clients hook into these beautiful creatures. And it doesn’t hurt to make sure Robert Field was happy as well! An amazing experience for me, getting to fish with a trend setter in our sport, and getting to call him a good friend in the process.