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Mid October, me and my brother put our kayaks on the car roof and started our trip to Denmark to the famous pike-lake “Stege Nor”. We stayed some days in Denmark and tried to get some pike on our flies. We got some nice ones up to 98 cm and we had a great time on the water.

Nevertheless we had to move on because we had planned to fish at the LKO – the Liska Kayak Open – in Karlskrona/SE, so we took our kayaks on the roof again, fixed our trailer and continued our trip.

The LKO was – like every year – a great Kayak-Fishing-Event!!! We met a lot of nice people from many different countries and we met some good old friends. Moreover the fishing was great and we got some nice pike on the flies, as we always do in the arcipelago of Karlskrona 😉

After the event we moved on and tried a new area in the archipelago of Sweden. We found an amazing nature around the archipelago of Loftahammar and got some nice pike-action on the fly.
After some days we got bad weather with hard winds and cold from the north, so we decided to go back to our beloved Karlskrona and fished there some more days.

Again we had a great time on the water and landed a lot of fish!
We had a great trip, we met nice people, saw amazing nature, got some nice fish on the fly and enjoyed our time in our fantastic kayaks.

Some words to the kayaks: The Coosa HD is an awesome kayak when it comes to fly fishing. It is super stable and stand-up fishing is super easy. The LISKA is also super stable and by virtue of it’s “minimalistic” design perfect for fly fishing.