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There is a moment, when you realise: you need a fish-finder on your kayak.
Normally it is easy to fix it on rails (preinstalled or customised) or with ball mounts,
but there are some kayaks where it is more complicated…

Of course it was not easy with my Cruise too,

but we solved it together with Zoli (Thank you again!)
I think this solution is worth for a short article, maybe it can be useful for you.

We used the following gadgets to fix my Hummingbird Helix5 on the Cruise12:
– YakAttack Cellblok: the battery and cables are inside the box,
– YakAttack Ram Pod: keeping the sensor in the right position under the water,
– GearTrac Spectralite rail: fixed on the top of the Cellblok for mounting monitor and sensor,
– Yakattack Ram ScrewBalls: 1″ for the sensor and 1,5″ for the monitor.

And the “magic” 🙂
– 2 plastic hooks mounted in the middle of the Cruise with waterproof pop rivets,
– shock cord to fix the Cellblok to hooks on the kayak.