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Kayak Fishing in NY for 2018

This year was a year with a lot of firsts for me. I was blessed to be able to take over the New York Kayak Bass Fishing tournament series for the first complete year. NYKBF is a tournament series that spans throughout the great state of New York and all its amazing fisheries. I was also honored to be able to Co-manage the national tournament trial RiverBassin with my good friend Drew Gregory.

2018 was a year that I will not soon forget. Membership of the NY tournament trail more than tripled in my first year of leadership with live tournaments going from about an average to 10 people to an average of 30 people, largest kayak fishing tournaments that the state has ever seen, with no sign of slowing down either. It is through these events that I have met some people that have quickly grown to be some great friends. These events have allowed like minded men and women to come together and share their passions of Kayak Fishing and explore different bodies of water. We also end our live events at a local restaurant for the awards and announcements, as well as some much needed and deserved food and drinks. It has allowed people to enjoy the day regardless of how the fishing went.

An awesome custom that just randomly developed was our morning donuts at our live event captains meetings. My obsession of Krispy Kreme donuts has been known in my circles for a while, but people kept telling me of better local shops in the area (Kristy Kreme is not in NY) and people started bringing donuts to the morning captains meetings. It has provided a huge laugh all year but it has also provided donuts, so they can laugh at me all they want!

The national RiverBassin trail was a huge eye opener for me. I have caught my fair share of beasts out of New York waters, but seeing (and judging) some of these Largemouth Bass from Texas and Florida… humbled me. I was excited to help bring such an amazing and unique tournament structure to people who love fishing moving water as much as I do.

2018 was also the first year I moved from paddle to pedal with my new Coosa FD from Jackson Kayak. I admit it took a lot of getting used to, but that boat is made to be the perfect fishing kayak, and it lived up to that in every way. Coming from the Kilroy (another boat I still am in LOVE with) the Coosa offered more space to work as well as more stability to stand and move around while on the water. I was able to bring more gear as well as move quickly through the water from point A to point B. It has become hard to see myself in anything else moving forward. It is defiantly a boat you should try out.

With all the amazing experiences and opportunities 2018 brought to my kayak fishing career, I know 2019 holds even more growth in my kayak fishing universe. I am excited to talk with anyone about my experiences, how they too can get involved, and as always where and when they want to meet up and fish!
Thanks 2018! Cheers!
Justin Hausner