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Like many of us, I got the bug as a kid fishing with my Dad.  But, things got busy after high school with college and life after college.  For me the bug bit again in 1991, and I’m so grateful it did.  Having kept a log during my swimming years at the University of Wisconsin and during my 40+ year racquetball career, keeping a simple fishing log seemed natural.

Mine has been very simple.  I note the date, where I fish, how many hours I fish and being the smallie nut that I am, how many smallies I catch.  I do note other species I catch and whether I’m fishing in one of my Jackson Kayaks or in my Yar-Craft.  I began keeping the log before I caught my first smallie in 1994, but, with the log, I can report I’ve caught and released over 22,400 smallies since then.  On the list of what’s really important in life, this isn’t really that important, but, it is fun.   I bet some of you know anglers who keep a much more detailed log.  Some musky guys note weather conditions, depth, lure, etc. for each musky caught.  For me that would take too much time from chasing those smallies.  

I’m not sure what year it was, but, likely 12 or so years ago, I began setting a goal of 1,000 smallies each fishing season.  Most years I have reached the goal and in 2007 going over 2,000.  I spend many days in the smallie Mecca of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.  This season anticipating an October like 2017, I thought for sure hitting 1,000 would be easy.  But, this October was tough for all chasing smallies.  So, as of Monday, November 5 with cold weather approaching, I was 10 smallies short.  So, time to put one of my Kraken 13.5’s on the Malone MicroSport trailer and head to the Milwaukee River.  What a fun day!  50 degree weather, light winds on a half day that ended with 15 smallies, and nicely, most between 2.5 and 3.5 pounds.  Goal met!  And, a ton of fun reaching it.