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November is typically the month that brings the cold north winds and runs us off of the water in Indiana. While some may refer to it as down time it is probably just as busy for me as the months on the water. In my mind these next 4 colder months are my most important months of the entire year. Sure there is a little time for reflection on the past year but its also the time for planning ahead and setting some new goals. There is an endless list of things to do in order to be 100% ready come mid March when we take to the water again.
Reflecting on the past year, I feel like I had a pretty decent fishing season and was able to take away a few highlights. In all there was some good fish caught, new water fished and the opportunity to become successful with a couple new techniques. While all that is great stuff to focus on I do feel like I personally failed in a major area. I’d let my fitness level drop significantly and as the season wore on it began to show in my performance. It got to the point of feeling sluggish and feeling that my flexibility was not where it should have been.  Road life caught up quick and with the physical demands of kayak fishing I know I need to be better to truly preform at my best.
That leaves my number 1 goal for the winter months being to work diligently on getting my body ready to go and not become complacent as the new season wears on. The tools are there in front of me and I know that it will help with my focus, drive and performance out on the water when I need it most. It’s amazing the little things that become easier with a little bit of self preparation. It’s not a goal for everyone but as I am getting older it’s definitely an area that think will help me last though the grind of the fishing season.
The busy season quickly moves toward tackle preparation. Working on tackle prep seems never ending as there are lures to buy, lures to organize, lures to learn, rods to clean, reels that need taken apart for maintenance and line spooled. It’s the time that we will spend tinkering and organizing that will make the job much easier when it is time to get back on the water again..
Next up, I will be getting a new kayak ready for battle at some point in January. I’ll be keeping my Liska but fully plan to add the new Big Rig HDFD to my line up. By keeping the Liska I am going to need a few of my go to accessories to set up the new Big Rig when it comes. That’s going to take some time in getting things ordered, shipped and mounted. Having both of those kayaks in my arsenal will offer up a nice 1, 2 punch for everything I typically fish. I am really looking forward to utilizing what each kayak has to offer based on the different areas we visit.  As a side note plan on the color being Battleship, the color blue seems to be working for me and I am a little (actually a lot) superstitious.
In January boat show season will begin and like last year I plan to be at as many as time will allow. It’s always a great chance to catch up with folks and talk shop about all our new kayaks coming for the season ahead. It’s the place where most people will get to see and touch the new kayaks for the 1st time. This show season will be super active with the launch of the new Bite and new Big Rig HDFD. Those are 2 kayaks that people are going to want to see up close. I expect them to fly of the showroom floor at an alarming rate being they are the 2 kayaks the customer base has been yearning for. It’s going to be a good time and I am already looking forward to it.
It’s hard to fathom 2019 is right around the corner. In writing this blog I already feel like I am behind on getting things ready to go for spring. Speaking of which, I probably need to get to work on planning my December blog. See there, it’s never ending and there is always work to be done. Good luck planning your goals for next season; I am going to work diligently on mine which will hopefully lead to a few more big bass being lifted up into my Jackson Kayak.
Stay Crazy,
Chad Brock